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My name is Fotini Chasioti. I am a Yoga Teacher and a Life Coach specialized in leading retreats.

I lead retreats for people who want to take ownership of their own lives and tap into their potential whilst being in nature.

Since a very young age, I came to an understanding about who I wanted to be when I grow up and discovered my desire to serve others.

I started by working with kids with special needs, then I attended nursing school, volunteered in communities for people who were in rehab and worked with minors who were imprisoned. I did everything in my powers to be of service to others.

Becoming the person I wanted to be

After many challenging years of trying to put my own life together and searching for ways to lead an emotionally balanced and happier life I discovered Life Coaching.

Through life coaching I was taught to take responsibility for my actions or inactions. It provided me with the tools I needed to change habitual patterns and beliefs that until then I believed were written in stone.  Realeasing myself from these beliefs took out much of the burden and mental stress in my life.

Still there was something missing, this time physically.  My body was unable to follow all these changes and I faced many health challenges, from frequent colds to some minor operations.

With yoga I found the missing piece and completed my life’s puzzle. Gradually my life began to transform in a miraculous way. Conscious breathing, mindfulness and asanas released chronic tension in my body and I started  leading a more balanced life. Grounded on my own two feet I uncovered a personal power that I was unaware of.

My mission

That was the moment when I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and how I wanted to be of service. With these tools  I now support others  to tap into their amazing capacities and reach beyond what they expect of themselves in order to design and live the life that they desire.

If anything of the above resonates with your life I would love to support you. In this journey of self-discovery you will find creative, challenging and playful ways to transform and design your life.