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The Retreat


Re-Inventing Eve
August 29 - September 3

Re-Inventing Eve is a Retreat dedicated to the transformational powers of applying Self-Care. Daily!

In this Retreat we are going to explore what Self-Care REALLY is with the support of Group Coaching, Yoga and Guided Visualization.

At the end of this retreat you will take away a new understanding about who you are and with a solid Soul Nurturing plan that will support you throughout your daily life.

I see that there is a big misunderstanding about what Self-Care real is.

Some of you believe that it’s about being self-centered. That it’s about putting yourself first in a way that ignores other people’s needs and feelings.

Some of you believe that self-care means going to spas and having massages but at the end of the day you still haven’t filled this void you feel. It just doesn’t feel right.

And some of you are totally unaware of the concept. If you have time for yourself you prefer to clean your oven rather than fill your tub and enjoy a hot bath. Not knowing where the resentment you feel at the end of the day comes from, you keep up doing the same things every day.

I have been through all these stages . I have actually been in the shoes of each and one of you.


Self-Care or Soul Nurturing practice as I prefer to call it is much more than this. It’s about reconditioning yourself on how to take care of you in order to be able to take care of the people you love the most

The purpose of this Retreat is to give you the time and space to revisit your beliefs about Soul Nurturing.

Through Group Coaching and the power of sharing we will explore the following:

  • How to take ownership of your life. That means become your own savior rather expecting others to come and save you. We are going to flirt with the idea of you taking responsibility of your actions and inactions.
  • Identifying your needs. I’m sure that after being a long time care giver, or having the good girl syndrome for too long, your needs will have been blended with other people’s needs.
  • Explore the concept of setting boundaries and saying No.
  • Letting go of the past, of all the things that you believe you could have done differently.
  • Finally support you to come up with your own, tailor made plan that will empower you throughout your daily life. You will be able to use this plan not only in the good moments but also in these difficult, dark times where you just want to withdraw to your past self’s behaviors.

Through Yoga, which is of paramount importance of this process

  • you will be able to get out of your mind and the story you’ve have identified yourself with and come to the here and NOW.
  • By given clear and simple instructions you will get able to release any tension.
  • Personal attention will be given to each of you in order to meet any special physical ailments that might exist.
  • Guided breathing techniques will help you throughout this process.
  • Guided meditation and visualization will help you relax deeper and create a space that you can fill in with new loving thoughts.

Yes, it’s going to be challenging

Yes, it’s going to be fun

Yes, definitely it’s going to be rewarding

What I want to tell you upfront is that I don’t believe that you need to be fixed.

You are whole and magnificent as you are. Every hardship, every roadblock has come into your life to help you come closer to yourself.

With absolute respect in what you’ve been through in your life and with absolute no intention to be the judge of that ,my aim is to create a safe space where you can share and let go of anything that does  not serve you anymore and realize that you are NOT alone.

I admire you and respect you for that.

It would be an honor for me to be part of this journey of yours and let me take a few baby steps with you.

She keeps a very pleasant timing during her exercises, she gives calm, friendly instructions, she pays very much attention to breathing. In addition, she is a warm, very nice personality with whom we have become friends in no time. Fotini is the best!

Brigitte & Christian, Vienna/Austria
Brigitte & Christian, Vienna/Austria Retired Educationalist

About the Venue

Villa Eva is a welcoming and comfortable studio; everything in it is prepared with love and care. It is infused by a beautiful energy that will allow you to recharge and connect with the beautiful surrounding.

It has a spacious  yoga shala with an incredible view to the Aegean Sea. It is well equipped ready to accommodate our yoga classes.

Whether you want to indulge in some friendly conversation or by simply listening to the waves and whispers of the mountains, you will have the chance to enjoy your  meals overlooking the small cove of St. Nicholas and its secluded beach below.

The meals are vegetarian ,prepared with fresh, local products.

For more information about the venue you can visit:

About Samos

Samos is a unique and beautiful island located in the central Aegean Sea area, very close to the coast of Minor Asia.

The rare, natural wealth that characterizes the island in both sea and land is exceptional in all the Mediterranean. On this very green island with forests and lush flora, you are surrounded by the amazing energy of nature.

One of the great advantages of this island is its authentic, unscathed ambience, setting the pace for our visitors to relax and recharge in.

Fotini is an outstanding teacher. She explains clearly and demonstrates each exercise in a really accessible way. From here each student is supported by tailored interventions which support their development.Over the six weeks my posture, flexibility and breathing improved.

Clare Noel age 59, UK
Clare Noel age 59, UK Retired Educationalist

Arrival & Check in, Tuesday 28th

Our opening circle will take place at 17:30-19:30. We will introduce ourselves and have a grounding yoga session.

20:00 dinner

Daily Program

  • 6.30 am waking up
  • 7.00 am Yoga Class
  • 9.00 am Breakfast
  • 11-1 pm Group Coaching
  • 1.30 pm Lunch
  • 3.00 pm – 6.00pm free time
  • 6.30 pm-7pm Guided meditation and Visualization
  • 7.30 pm Dinner
  • 9 pm Noble silence

Daily Excursion

On Thursday after our workshop we will have free time to explore the island.

Our hiking guide, George will take us on an excursion to one of the most beautiful mountainous and traditional villages of the island called Manolates.

During this excursion we will have the chance to enjoy our meditation into the woods, surrounded by nature.

At the end of this tour we will enjoy our lunch in a beautiful tavern in the heart of the village.

The additional cost of this trip will be 40-50 euros

Working collaboratively to explore self-care has given me greater awareness of how I can implement “putting myself first” and setting boundaries in both my professional and personal life. Without Fotini’s guidance and expertise this wouldn’t have been possible. I’m so pleased I did this. Thank you Fotini!

Shivangee Patel, UK
Shivangee Patel, UKHead of Internal Communications

Additional Services

If you wish we can book for you a massage or spa treatment that you can do in your free time (the cost is not included in the price)

If you are interested in that please book it in advance to

Last Day

Yoga session and closing the circle at 8:30

Breakfast at 9am

Checkout at 12pm

Please inform us if you‘ve made arrangements to leave in the afternoon. You can leave your belongings to the venue so you can enjoy your day.

Participation & Registration

Early Bird

until June 28th, 2018990euro


(double shared room)

Seminar Fees



  • If you wish to book a single bed room room there is an additional cost please contacts us.
  • For registration please deposit 350 euros.
  • The Super Early Bird registration rate is only available in full and cannot be secured with 350€ deposit.
  • For more information regarding the registration contact us to info

Logistics & Cancelation Policy

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