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The truth about how I started

The truth about how I got here.

( Name of the reader) let me tell you a little about myself and how I built myself from the ground up.

I found Life Coaching twelve years ago when I was at a point where things weren’t exactly working out as I wanted them to be.

I had two young children, I was occasionally working part-time, exhausted, and by anyway, I wasn’t doing anything for myself; I mostly catered to other people’s needs forgetting all about my own, my hopes, let alone my desires.

I was putting myself last.

Now (name), I think you can imagine the result of that. I felt worn out, resentful, and quite unhappy, although I was happy to have created my own family. Inner conflict at its best!

That was when I found life coaching and started making huge realizations that helped me remove myself from the position I was in. Some of the key realizations that I had and want to share and explore in later blogs are:

  • Self-care is ESSENTIAL! 
  • Setting boundaries is an energy saver.
  • Identifying core values is the best way to make the right decisions.
  • Habits are the cornerstone of major changes.

Huge realizations with enormous impact on my life!

Of course, these realizations and changes didn’t happen overnight. There were still pieces of the puzzle that were missing, and that’s where yoga came into my life. 

Nine years ago, some significant changes had happened, but I still had more things to do. At that time, I was emotionally and physically drained after a surgery that I had undergone. 

My therapist recommended that I start practicing yoga, which is why I began to do so. Despite my desire to start doing yoga for years, I never had the time. Eventually, I found myself in a studio, feeling somewhat forced to begin.

After three months of consistent practice, I noticed a significant improvement in my mood without any changes to the challenging conditions. It was a revelation to me! I decided to continue practicing yoga regularly and felt compelled to share my experience with others.

Some of the realizations that I have so far by practicing yoga are the following:

  • Movement is vital! When the body is stuck, so is the mind!
  • Breath is an extremely powerful tool that soothes the nervous system.
  • The difference between being responsive vs. reactive

and many more.

These two methods have helped me make profound changes in my life, and I hope they do the same for you.

 Keep reading the following blogs to learn more about making consistent small changes that will make a big difference in your life.

I would love to hear from you. Please hit reply and tell me what came up for you.

I see you, and I’m here for you.